How to write an essay: structure  


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Now let's talk specifically about how to write an essay and what to write in it. Here is a sample structure of how to write the material:




We have already talked about it above. The mentioned tips will help you to start the text correctly. In the first part you should not write much. It is enough to tell what problem you want to solve. The introduction is made for a couple of sentences, written in general terms. Or ask the reader a question.


Main and Additional Reasons.


In these parts, you must show that you understand the topic. It is important to strike a balance. For example, in part 2, you will reveal the reasons that support part 4. Let these be the pros arguments. Well the third part will reveal the arguments against.




In this part, you must state a certain statement. It should be something from parts 2 and 3. Add something from yourself personally. This is important to make sure the killer paper essay is yours. And don't forget the statements.


This is basically the largest part of the material. It again lists facts supported by quotes. It is clear that you should write only what is relevant to the question.




It, too, should be small. It draws a conclusion from the whole text. This is the general conclusion of the entire essay.






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